Merchants, Melorans and a Monk

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Little news of Winterhaven has come down the King’s Road to Fallcrest of late. Few travelers attempt a journey to the important agricultural village, and fewer still return. Exaggerated tales of strange or unnatural creatures lying in wait to kill any who venture on the Road keep most would-be travelers safely on the banks of the Nentir River. Not everyone can be or wants to remain prudent, however. The drop in the supply of grain from Winterhaven has brought with it a spike in the price, and merchants weigh the risks of the journey against their potential to profit. Borba Gadorba, a half-orc trader, is such a merchant, accompanied by her infamously gassy bodyguard, Angus McBangus. While Borba and Angus choose to travel for wealth, other citizens of Fallcrest do not have a choice. Annual religious holidays cannot wait for favorable conditions, and so Wang Hung Lo of the Trappist Order of Moradin leaves East on the King’s Road to Moradin’s Hammer to acquire the necessary blessed hops for the upcoming Day of Crafters, along with Borba and Angus, offering his services free of charge. Melora’s followers, those who seek to protect all that is natural, see too a threat to the Wilderness they value, and are sending two of their best neophytes, the Druid Aelfgifu and her Shaman companion Ryvre Starbright, to investigate. These five travelers set out for Winterhaven together to increase their chances of survival.

The Player Characters

  • Borba Gadorba, a half-orc barbarian merchant with a penchant for bludgeoning folks with a greatclub
  • Angus McBangus, the infamously gassy ex-soldier and bodyguard to Borba
  • Aelfgifu of the Mabinogi, a werewolf druid with predator-infused blood who can shapeshift into a liger
  • Ryvre Starbright, a hippy human shaman with a polar bear spirit friend and a love for playing bongos
  • Wang Hung Lo, a Trappist Monk of Moradin who brews beer to honor the Great Crafter

Merchants, Melorans and a Monk

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